Monday, 6 February 2012

How Can You Get Rid From Your Smoking Habit ?

Hi everybody, today I want to share my experiences about my smoking addictions and just how did I control my smoking addiction. I still remember my starting days when I used to smoke only for style and showoff with my friends. I never had believed that this can become my addiction that will produce various problems during my life. Just after three years I began smoking heavily, about 3-4 packets a day. Due to my smoking habit I had been suffering various health problems. My doctor inquired about to stop this habit and I tried very hard however I stood unable.

I was greatly tensed about this, I took tablets, gums, and used various inhalers but still there is no difference in my addiction. One day I met one of my old friend. I asked him about my problems solution , I told him which I had tried every possible thing to stop my addiction but still I am there from where I started this. I had lost my hope. He paid attention to me and explained about a new invention which was e cigarette. He told me that this device is not so harmful to improve your health in comparison to your traditional cigarette he explained about various brands of e cigarette such as vapor cigarette, the safe cig, green smoke, etc.

I listened him very carefully and noticed everything what he told me about e cigarette. After this I came back and searched e cigarette on the internet and read the best e cigarette reviews. And located that the safe cig is one of the best e cig contained in the marketplace. Based on the safe cig e cigarette reviews it was providing various flavored cartridges and many of lose accessories with was making it the very first choice of customers.

I just read many other e cigarette reviews however I like the safe cig e cigarette very much. I ordered it online and started using it. Now I had been smoking a cigarette that was without smoke, no smell, no tar. Immediately after few weeks I found which I had really controlled my smoking addiction. Now I had been smoking a cigarette that was not much harmful for me. Now I was able to quit my smoking addiction, the safe cig is really a great product which I had ever used.

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