Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I left The Greatest Addiction, Smoking

Hello everybody, today I am here to share my personal experience about quit smoking. Few months ago I was very upset because of my smoking addiction. In my college days, when I was preparing for my final exams I started smoking heavily and after some time it became my daily routine to smoke 2 to 3 packets of cigarettes. I tried very hard to control my habit of smoking but it automatically became a part of my life. Right after few days I felt ill, I went to a hospital for some checkups. Doctors made some tests on me and I was shocked to see the reports. My lungs were affected badly because of smoking . After this, I controlled my habit of smoking for a little time, but just after few days it started again automatically.
One  morning I was sitting in a park and I found that one of my old friend was also there with his dog. We met again after two months because he was out of city in case of his business. He asked me about my health, and I replied that I am trying to control my smoking habit but I can’t control it. He listened me and told me about electronic cigarette. He told me about various e cigarette brands present in the market such as Premium, V2 cigs, Smoketip, Esmoke, South Beach,  Green Smoke, Blu cigs, The Safe Cig, White Cloud, etc. He told me how it is helpful in quit smoking. And the biggest thing he told me was it is not much harmful for health. I listened him very carefully because before this I was not averred about this product.
I came back and searched over the internet for the best electronic cigarettes. I read reviews of different users all over the world. And found that South Beach Smoke was really very effective according to the users. I found  South Beach Smoke Review were most effective because it has no smoke, no smell, no passive smoking or second hand smoking effects, so you may smoke it almost anywhere etc. I ordered it over the internet and started using it according to instructions. It fulfilled my needs of nicotine without harming my body. It was very effective. Now I was smoking without harming my body and also was able to quit smoking. It really worked grate, it is very effective, not much harmful to our body as compared to traditional cigarettes. Today I had quit smoking just because of South Beach Smoke.

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