Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Life Changing Decision

With all the dangers posed by nicotine addiction, it was only about time I start looking for alternatives. That is when I learnt about Electronic cigarettes from a colleague who had benefited much from it and my life was never the same again. E cigarette has a similar texture and feel like a real cigarette. This not only satisfied my need for nicotine, but it also helped me not to worry about the ill effects of tobacco smoking as it is without the toxic chemical substances present in a traditional cigarette. According to the best e cig reviews there is one another benefit of an e cigarette or smokeless cigarettes is that I no more have to worry about my family members suffering because of my addiction, since its atomizer converts the harmful nicotine vapor into vapor mists, so the risk of second hand smoke is totally eliminated.
I found various e cig brands over the internet. Premium, White Cloud, V2 Cigs, The Safe Cig, South Beach, Eversmoke, Smoketip etc are some of the best e cig brands. You don’t need any lighter or ashtray while smoking with an electronic cigarette.  I ordered a electronic cigarette for me. It was from White Cloud. Various white cloud cigarettes are providing various accessories and flavored cartridges with their electronic cigarette kit. According to various e cig reviews, e cigs are effective, and also provides an authentic smoking experience. Now I was smoking a cigarette which was not effecting my health. It gave me an authentic smoking experience. Various e cig reviews says that by providing one of the best customer assistance white cloud cigarettes has became one of the best in the market. I can even smoke the e cigs in non-smoking zones as they do not produce any toxic vapor or real flame. Changing to E cigarette has been the best decision of my life.

Monday, 9 April 2012

The Healthy Switch

I have been an ardent smoker all throughout my adult life and this is the reason behind the numerous problems I have encountered. However, today those problems are not as prominent as they once were because of a very wise decision I took to curb the harm done to me from smoking. I took a friends advice and read electric cigarette reviews and ordered myself an electric cigarette which he said would remove all the bad effects of smoking from my life. At first I was very confused in choosing an electronic cigarette brand for me.
Then I found an electric cigarette review site and read about different electric cigarette brands such as Smoke Revolution, V2 Cigs, Premium Electronic Cigarette, Green Smoke, The Safe Cig, etc. According to the electric cigarette reviews, safe cig was one of the best e cig in the market. So I ordered safe cigs micro kit and started using it. After I started smoking this device I saw my bad coughing habits had gone and my lips were beginning to return to their original color. Electric cigarettes looks and behaves like real cigarettes. After experiencing the miracle I went to my friend to understand how this device worked.
He told me that the smoke that I inhaled was actually vapor and not smoke, and with the smoke gone the effects invariably had to go. When I asked him about the feel that I got from the cigarette he told me that it felt like a real cigarette because of the presence of nicotine in the stick. Various electric cigarette reviews says that electric cigarettes provides an authentic smoking experience. These are also called the best alternative in place of tobacco cigarettes. Ever since then I have been smoking the electric cigarette and I have felt better health wise.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Smoke That Gives You Life

Have you ever heard of a cigarette increasing the life span of someone? No right? Well think again because with the advent of electronic cigarettes in today’s market that is exactly what it is doing. These  electronic cigarettes are not harmful to the human body as the smoke is removed from the equation leaving the smoker with only vapor of the liquid that is present in the stick. This liquid is flavored according to the smokers choice and has contents of nicotine in them which gives the smoker the real feel of a cigarette. This device is becoming more and more famous today because it is removing the harmful side effects that smoking causes and has successfully managed to drag a few chain smokers out of the habit. The e cig, as it is more commonly known as, helps in saving a lot of money which a smoker generally spends on the everyday quota of cigarettes. The battery inside these sticks need to be charged once in a day and then the smoker is good to go.
I was looking for the best e cig in the market. So I decided to go through the e cig reviews. I found various e cigarette brands such as Premium Electronic Cigarette, White Cloud, V2 Cigs, Blu Cigs, The Safe Cig, Green Smoke, Smoketip, Esmoke, Smoke Revolution etc. Various discussions says that the reason of its popularity is its benefits. As they are less harmful, no passive smoking effects, cheaper than normal tobacco cigarettes,  provides an authentic smoking experience, and can also help you to control your habit of smoking cigarettes. These thing force me to replace my tobacco cigarettes by new e cigs. According to various best e cig reviews, smokers are taking it as an alternative in place of those old and harmful tobacco cigarettes.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Gateway to Control Smoking

Today there is an easy alternative for those who want to quit smoking due to the immaculate problems that arise in the bodies. Electronic cigarette is the name of the alternative and these super cool devices allow a smoker to enjoy the pleasure of a normal cigarette after removing all the ugly side effects that smoking had. I read a lot about it over the internet and decided to check it out. And buy a starter kit for my friend who smokes. According to some e cig reviews, e cigs, as it is known more commonly, run on batteries burning a flavored liquid that is installed inside the stick.
This liquid has a hint of nicotine in it which makes the smoker relish the real feel of a cigarette, but there is no hint of smoke involved because it is all vapor that is taken in by the smoker smoking the cigarette. One evening I was in the market and found a store with electronic cigarette shop. I went in and asked him to show me the best electronic cigarettes. He showed me various brands of smokeless cigarettes such as Green Smoke, White Cloud, Safe Cig, Blu Cigs, South Beach etc.
Then I asked him about the benefits of this device. He replied that these devices indirectly help in saving money as well as it is an one time investment and no more money is required to be spent on normal cigarettes. He also told me that electronic cigarettes are not cause any passive smoking effects. And provides an authentic smoking experience. Out of all electronic cigarette brands, I like green smoke electronic cigarette the most. I purchased it for my friend and gifted it to him. Due to their nature these devices are becoming more and more popular and everyone is starting to move towards the electronic side of the smoking world.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Healthier and a Smarter Choice

When our family doctor told my father that his smoking habit is posing serious threats to his health, I was determined to make him controlled his habit of smoking cigarettes. But it proved to be a rather challenging business. That is when I heard about Electronic cigarettes from a friend who had benefited a lot from it. He told me that E cigarettes are battery operated devices which feels and tastes completely like a real cigarette and gives the smoker the exact satisfaction of tobacco smoking, only without the health risks. Another major advantage of an e cig is that it is eco-friendly and thus can be used in non-smoking areas as well. Also, e-cigs have a pretty low maintenance cost as it only needs an occasional cartridge refill, which meant that his smoking habit could now be converted into a harmless as well as inexpensive addiction.
So I searched over the internet for the best e cigarette for my father. I found various electronic cigarette brands. But in search for the best I go with the electronic cigarette reviews. There I found that White Cloud Electronic Cigarette is one of the best e cigarette in the market. White Cloud is providing various starter kits and flavors. I ordered its weekender kit which was holding a C3 carrying case, 3 white cloud electronic cigarette batteries, 5 smooth drawn cartridges, 1 USB charger, 1 AC adapter. White cloud was also providing White Cloud T-Shirts of your size. I also ordered 2 extra packs of regular flavored cartridges. My father started using it, and after few days he found improvements in his health. now my father was smoking a cigarette which was not much harmful to his health. With so many positive aspects, I immediately made my father shift to E cigarettes, when are you doing the same for your loved ones?