Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Gateway to Control Smoking

Today there is an easy alternative for those who want to quit smoking due to the immaculate problems that arise in the bodies. Electronic cigarette is the name of the alternative and these super cool devices allow a smoker to enjoy the pleasure of a normal cigarette after removing all the ugly side effects that smoking had. I read a lot about it over the internet and decided to check it out. And buy a starter kit for my friend who smokes. According to some e cig reviews, e cigs, as it is known more commonly, run on batteries burning a flavored liquid that is installed inside the stick.
This liquid has a hint of nicotine in it which makes the smoker relish the real feel of a cigarette, but there is no hint of smoke involved because it is all vapor that is taken in by the smoker smoking the cigarette. One evening I was in the market and found a store with electronic cigarette shop. I went in and asked him to show me the best electronic cigarettes. He showed me various brands of smokeless cigarettes such as Green Smoke, White Cloud, Safe Cig, Blu Cigs, South Beach etc.
Then I asked him about the benefits of this device. He replied that these devices indirectly help in saving money as well as it is an one time investment and no more money is required to be spent on normal cigarettes. He also told me that electronic cigarettes are not cause any passive smoking effects. And provides an authentic smoking experience. Out of all electronic cigarette brands, I like green smoke electronic cigarette the most. I purchased it for my friend and gifted it to him. Due to their nature these devices are becoming more and more popular and everyone is starting to move towards the electronic side of the smoking world.

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