Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Healthier and a Smarter Choice

When our family doctor told my father that his smoking habit is posing serious threats to his health, I was determined to make him controlled his habit of smoking cigarettes. But it proved to be a rather challenging business. That is when I heard about Electronic cigarettes from a friend who had benefited a lot from it. He told me that E cigarettes are battery operated devices which feels and tastes completely like a real cigarette and gives the smoker the exact satisfaction of tobacco smoking, only without the health risks. Another major advantage of an e cig is that it is eco-friendly and thus can be used in non-smoking areas as well. Also, e-cigs have a pretty low maintenance cost as it only needs an occasional cartridge refill, which meant that his smoking habit could now be converted into a harmless as well as inexpensive addiction.
So I searched over the internet for the best e cigarette for my father. I found various electronic cigarette brands. But in search for the best I go with the electronic cigarette reviews. There I found that White Cloud Electronic Cigarette is one of the best e cigarette in the market. White Cloud is providing various starter kits and flavors. I ordered its weekender kit which was holding a C3 carrying case, 3 white cloud electronic cigarette batteries, 5 smooth drawn cartridges, 1 USB charger, 1 AC adapter. White cloud was also providing White Cloud T-Shirts of your size. I also ordered 2 extra packs of regular flavored cartridges. My father started using it, and after few days he found improvements in his health. now my father was smoking a cigarette which was not much harmful to his health. With so many positive aspects, I immediately made my father shift to E cigarettes, when are you doing the same for your loved ones?

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