Thursday, 5 April 2012

Smoke That Gives You Life

Have you ever heard of a cigarette increasing the life span of someone? No right? Well think again because with the advent of electronic cigarettes in today’s market that is exactly what it is doing. These  electronic cigarettes are not harmful to the human body as the smoke is removed from the equation leaving the smoker with only vapor of the liquid that is present in the stick. This liquid is flavored according to the smokers choice and has contents of nicotine in them which gives the smoker the real feel of a cigarette. This device is becoming more and more famous today because it is removing the harmful side effects that smoking causes and has successfully managed to drag a few chain smokers out of the habit. The e cig, as it is more commonly known as, helps in saving a lot of money which a smoker generally spends on the everyday quota of cigarettes. The battery inside these sticks need to be charged once in a day and then the smoker is good to go.
I was looking for the best e cig in the market. So I decided to go through the e cig reviews. I found various e cigarette brands such as Premium Electronic Cigarette, White Cloud, V2 Cigs, Blu Cigs, The Safe Cig, Green Smoke, Smoketip, Esmoke, Smoke Revolution etc. Various discussions says that the reason of its popularity is its benefits. As they are less harmful, no passive smoking effects, cheaper than normal tobacco cigarettes,  provides an authentic smoking experience, and can also help you to control your habit of smoking cigarettes. These thing force me to replace my tobacco cigarettes by new e cigs. According to various best e cig reviews, smokers are taking it as an alternative in place of those old and harmful tobacco cigarettes.

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