Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New Electronic Device Changing The Way Of Smoking

Hello everybody, today I want to share my story about my cigarette addiction. Several years before I started smoking occasionally with friends in parties or even in camping’s. But soon my this habit of smoking cigarettes was raised very much. After couple of months I was smoking at least 20 cigarettes per day. This was effecting my health quite definitely. I was very tensed regarding my smoking habit. And was trying to control it any way. I tried different things to control my smoking habit such as tablets, gums, and inhalers.
But stood struggling to control it. One day I received a mail from my pal, my friend recommended a brand new device to me. It absolutely was a electronic cigarette. I opened its website and discovered that electronic cigarette looks like an actual cigarette. Electronic cigarettes uses a flavored liquid nicotine. And exhales vapors instead of smoke. The main benefits of a electronic cigarette is that it is less harmful compared to those regular cigarettes. And these cigarettes likewise helps you to control your smoking habit.
Electronic cigarette is assembled with three different parts an atomizer, cartomizer along with a lithium ion rechargeable battery. I then read the best e cigarette reviews and decided to order a electronic cigarette for me. There are various electronic cigarettes brands present in industry. Then I read various discussions and best e cig reviews on the internet and found that south beach is probably the best in the market. And I ordered it online. I started using it as I received it. It was great, I received various flavors making use of their electronic cigarette.
Various electronic cigarette reviews shows that electronic cigarette helps you to control your smoking habit. Now I used to be using a cigarette which was not effecting my health quite definitely. According to the South Beach Smoke review. I followed its procedure to manage my smoking habit. And the procedure was to slow up the level of nicotine in your cigarette time by time. After few days I feel new difference in my health. Now this cigarette had not been effecting my health. I controlled my practice of smoking with the help of South Beach Smoke.

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