Thursday, 15 March 2012

Can One Control His Smoking With A New Device

When I was a chain smoker, I used to smoke two packets of cigarette each day. Which was not only effecting my health, but of my kids too. In the beginning when I smoked 1st cigarette, It was just for fun and style. But in a very little time it became my habit. And it raised itself with time. In last two years I tried a hundred different ways to control it, like inhalers, chew gums, tablets and also joined various anti smoking clubs who helps to control my habit of smoking cigarettes, but nothing happened. Then I found an alternative way of smoking.
One day I received an email from a friend who suggested me to try an electronic cigarette. I searched more about it and read various e cigarette review and discussion. There I found that electronic cigarettes are not much harmful in comparison to those old tobacco cigarettes. I found that it was full of benefits. I read that there are no passive smoking or second hand smoking effects. You don’t need any lighter or ashtray while smoking cigarettes with it.
With this I was also able to smoke an electronic cigarette almost anywhere. And it was also cost effective in comparison to those old traditional cigarettes. Then I searched for the best e cigarette present in the market. I found various top e cigarettes brands such as Green Smoke, White Cloud, Premium, Smoketip, Esmoke, Blu Cigs etc. But out of all I liked safe cig most. I ordered a kit of south beach smoke and a portable charging case blink.
I started using it and right after a few days I found a big difference in my health. It was not effecting too much. And there was no passive smoking effects. Now I was smoking a cigarette which was not effecting my health so much. And I was also felling free like never before, I was able to smoke it in my car, home, and various other places where I was not allowed to smoke those old tobacco cigarettes. I was very happy with my safe cig kit.


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