Tuesday, 6 March 2012

How Electronic Cigarette Helped My Cousin To Control His Habit Of Smoking

Hi guys, I am here to share my cousins personal experiences about his smoking addiction and how did he quit smoking . once when he was having very much work pressure on him and he was unable to handle it, he started smoking. After a long time he found himself that he's trying hard but not able to quit smoking. He was scared that what was happening to him. He went to a hospital for some tests and the reports come he was shocked to know that cigarette had damaged his lungs very much his X-ray showed his lungs were turned dark.
Next he tried hard but he could not quit. He was very disappointed. He informed me about this and I asked my friends that how he could quit smoking. They informed me about E cigarette ‘the easiest way to give up smoking’. At this moment he was smoking a packet of cigarette daily. I searched it over the internet and found that this was very effective according to the reviews of different users.
I told him about the benefits of e cigarette. And told him that how it is not much harmful for his health when compared with regular cigarettes. Then I told him about various e cigarette brands such as Premium, V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, Esmoke, Blu Cigs, Smoketip, Safe Cig, White Cloud, etc. And based on reviews I told him in regards to the best electronic cigarettes and that was Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette. Because I love Green Smoke reviews very much. it is very effective electronic cigarette. I gave him some reviews of Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette and just how it should be used as per instructions.
Following this I ordered a Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette for him online. And when we saw it, it was very easy to use as per for the user manual. The real key started using it. He himself found that this was not much harmful for his health. And in a very less time he surely could quit his smoking. Now they can quit smoking just because of Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette reviews. I seriously want to tell you that an advanced regular or heavy smoker and you would like to quit smoking then you must read my experience that how my cousin quit his smoking addiction. As you know your value of health you should also Control it.

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