Saturday, 3 March 2012

How My Boss Introduced Me To His New Electronic Cigarette

Hi everybody, today I would like to tell you about how I was introduced to electronic cigarette by my boss. Few days before I was working in my office and my boss received a currier. It was from V2 cigs and was holding an electronic cigarette kit in it. At that time I was also a regular tobacco cigarette smoker. I had listened about electronic cigarette before. I asked my boss show me his new electronic cigarette, I wish to know how it works. My boss took his electronic cigarette kit and opened it and told me that this cigarette is full of benefits since it is not much harmful as compared to the regular cigarettes. And this cigarette is also helpful to control your smoking habit. I was surprised to see that electronic cigarette looks and behaves just like a real traditional cigarette.

My boss explained that this the cartridge is stuffed with a liquid nicotine which is as its fuel. And with this you don’t require a lighter or ashtray. There isn't any smell and no bad order in breath and on cloths. Electronic cigarette is assembled with three different parts an atomizer, a cartomizer and a battery. My boss opened his V2 cigs kit and demonstrated its atomizer at the top of cartridge. Cartomizer is really a plastic container filled up with a sponge like material used to hold the liquid fuel. The energy source of this cigarette was obviously a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This can help the atomizer to convert the liquid fuel into the vapors. Then my boss informed me that how we can control smoking. My boss explained that all you need to do is always to decrease the level of nicotine in it time by time. He also asked me to read V2 cigs review.

This technique will decrease the necessity of nicotine in your body and definitely will take you to control your smoking. Or you can continue your smoking a very less harmful electronic cigarette . I then read some electronic cigarette reviews on the internet and found V2 cigs coupon code by which I can have some exciting discount on my V2 electronic cigarette. There are various electronic cigarette brands present in the marketplace. According to the best electronic cigarettes reviews various smokers consider electronic cigarette as a alternative of smoking. Various electronic cigarettes reviews also demonstrates V2 cigs provides one of the best customer service which makes V2 cigs is providing among the best electronic cigarette s in the market. With this various smokers are taking it as a alternative device of smoking instead of those old traditional cigarettes.

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