Monday, 5 March 2012

What Bring Me Towards Electronic Cigarette?

Hi everyone, today I am here to share my story of controlling my smoking habit. I am smoking tobacco cigarettes from a long time. I works for a IT company, last year I was holding a project of my company and my spotter was on leave due to some important work. Because of my colleague was on a break so I need to finish his work too. I don’t understand how but due to much work pressure, my occasionally smoking habit considered heavy smoking. After a little time I came to be a regular or chain smoker. This is also effecting my health. If you do more time I felt ill due to smoking very much cigarettes. After this I went along to hospital and the doctor made some tests on me. My Doctor explained that my lungs are badly affected. The doctor asked me to quit smoking at the earliest opportunity or it may have bad results. After this I joined a golf club which was helping individuals quitting there smoking addictions. The club provided me some of medicines, inhalers and also tout me a number of the ways of meditations. During those times I quitted my smoking addiction but as time passes it started again.
I used to be very upset regarding my this habit. 1 day in the lunch time I used to be sitting in the smoking gallery of my office and among my friend, I found that certain of my senior of my department is holding a tool just like e cigarette. Electronic cigarette looks and behaves being a real cigarette but it is different in certain manners. In place of fire at its tip there was a glowing sensational looking still a little smoke was taken from it. It was working being a cigarette. At the end of the day I found him waiting for the taxi away from office. I asked him to talk about the taxi, he agreed. Even as sat in taxi he soon began smoking again with that device. This time I asked him that what is this device. He replied e cigarette. Then I raised various questions together that how it works? And does it need any fuel? What about its cost? What are its benefits? Etc. He take a look at my face and smiled a little and told me that cigarette works on a battery, and uses liquid nicotine since it's fuel.
I asked him about its benefits, he told me that it is not much harmful compared to regular cigarettes, its cost effective, allows you to control your smoking addiction, can adjust the level of nicotine. He offered me one best e cigarette to smoke, I smoked it had been similar to regular cigarettes. There was written green smoke on it. Then I reached at home and searched best e cigarettes and green smoke e cigarette. And I also found some green smoke coupon for discounts on my starter kit. Then I read various green smoke reviews. I ordered among its starter kit and stared using it. After some time I found myself which I had controlled my smoking addiction by decreasing the level of nicotine. Green smoke provides various flavors and all of its accessories, that is a part of customer reliability. In line with the green smoke review green smoke e cigarette provides one of the best customer support which makes it one of the best e cigarette in the market. With the help of green smoke I controlled my habit, but still smoking without harming much to my body. Various smokers consider green smoke as a alternative device of smoking in place of those old traditional cigarettes.

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  1. Thanx for sharing this post. People now days are going for electronic cigarettes as they aware of bad effects of smoking conventional cigarette on lungs. These smokeless devices are safer and cost effective method of smoking.

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