Wednesday, 28 March 2012

E-smoking the New Thing in the Market

I was in my friends place after college the other day and while relaxing in his room I decided to light up a cigarette. He stopped me and asked me to try this elongated version of a cigarette he was holding. He told me that it was an electronic cigarette and that it gives the same sensation as the normal nicotine bearing cigarette. As I tried it I was amazed as to how much it resembled the normal cigarette and how brilliant it tasted. I was more amazed because my friend said that these e-cigarettes did not have any harmful side effects to it and they lasted much longer than the usual cigarette.
I was instantly attracted to the device and went and bought myself a stick and I have been using it ever since that day. I ended up saving a lot of money and also having my eventual smoke of the day without causing any harmful side effects to myself. He told me that it is full of benefits. He told me that electronic cigarettes are cheaper than regular tobacco cigarettes. And there are no passive smoking or second hand smoking effects with this device. So you can smoke it almost anywhere. You don’t need any ashtray or lighter while smoking with it.
Then I searched for the best electronic cigarettes in the market and found that the market was full of different electronic cigarette brands. Premium Electronic Cigarette, Esmoke, V2 Cigs, South Beach, White Cloud, Smoketip, Blu cigs, Smoke Revolution, Green Smoke, The Safe Cig etc are some of the best electronic cigarette brands. Then I go through the best electronic cigarette reviews and found that Premium Electronic Cigarette is one of the best electronic cigarette in the market. I ordered it online and started using it. Electronic cigarettes behaves like real cigarettes. Now I was smoking a cigarette which was not effecting my health.


  1. Nice and very interesting post.I really enjoyed during reading this post.And i completely agree with you that Electronic Cigarette is cheaper than regular tobacco cigarette.