Wednesday, 7 March 2012

How An Electronic Cigarette Can Control Your Habit Of Smoking?

Few years before when I was in collage I smoked a cigarette just for style and for fun. At the time I used to smoke cigarette occasionally in parties or with friends. But soon it became my habit. Within few months I started smoking around 2 packets of cigarettes in one day. This was effecting my health very much and I was very upset because of my habit of smoking. Next I tried some tablets, gums and inhalers to control my smoking habit. I continue that process for 3 weeks but there was clearly no change in my smoking habit. so I decided to join a quit smoking club which was nearby my office. They informed me various exercise and other things to control my smoking habit. But there were no positive results facing me. I had lost all my hopes.
After some time one of my senior told me about a new device called e cigarette. He explained that e cigarette looks and behaves like a real cigarette. Then I asked him that how it operates, he replied if you ask me that e cigarette uses a liquid nicotine as its fuel and exhales vapors rather than smoke. I surfed the internet to understand more about e cigarettes. there I found that e cigarettes are having various benefits inside them. These cigarettes are not much harmful than regular cigarettes. And as these cigarettes are electronic so there is fire or flame inside them. You can also have some exciting discounts from V2 cigs coupon codes.
There are various e cigarette brands present in the market. For example green smoke, Blu cigs, White Cloud, the safe cig, V2 cigs, Smoke tip etc. But I liked the V2 cigs very much. I ordered a V2 cigs premium starter kit and started using it. According to various e cigarette reviews these cigarettes likewise helps you to control your smoking. To moderate your smoking all you have to do would be to decrease the level of nicotine time by in time it. The process will lower your habit of inhaling nicotine.
Various V2 cigs review various people have controlled there smoking habit with the help of this cigarette. V2 provides various flavors including Sahara, Congress, Cherry, Vanilla, Coffee, Chocolate, Red, peppermint. To regulate my smoking I decreased the amount of nicotine in my cigarette time by time and controlled my habit of smoking. By providing the best customer service and different accessories V2 cigs is among the most best e cigarette in the market. Various smokers consider it as a alternative instead of those old traditional cigarettes.


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